FSC® Furniture AWARDS 2021

Hi sustainable furniture champion!
It’s time to shine.

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Dear FSC-certified Company,

if you stepped on this page, it means that – yes! – you’re one of the 2021 FSC® Furniture Awards winners. Congrats! However, before the final ceremony (November 25th, 10:30 AM CET. Reserve your spot here ), we ask you to take just one more step.

As you know, being FSC-certified does not only mean complying with high environmental, social and economic standards and supporting healthy forests, for all forever. It’s also about being able to communicate these values with passion and creativity to customers and suppliers.

So, here’s the (green) deal.

You should have recently received the FSC Furniture Awards official box. It contains:

FSC trophy A trophy. It’s 100% FSC-certified cherry tree wood. It’s 100% sustainable. It’s 100% wonderful, and it was created together with Cometa Legno.
FSC instructions An instructions sheet. Read it carefully: it will help you understand what you need to do. And how you have to do it.
FSC Table talker A table talker. Printed on FSC-certified paper. You can keep it on your desk or on your shelf: it will help you remember how good it is to be a sustainable furniture champion.
FSC Controversa Oh, the box it’s reversible – and sustainable. It was developed by Fustellificio Vicentino, an FSC-certified Italian paper converting company.

We’d like you to record a short, informal video (1 minute max). How? Follow the instructions.

Create a good story.

You have a minute to tell us why sustainable furniture matters. Be creative and use different shooting techniques (stop motion, story-like format with Instagram stickers, etc.).

…aaand action!

We are rewarding sustainable furniture champions, not tomorrow’s Stanley Kubricks: all you need is a smartphone. Feel free to involve anyone in the office. Remember to record the video in a portrait (vertical) format.

Send and share it.

Save the video clip and upload it here by November 20th: we will use it during our final awards ceremony, and you can also use it after the awards to promote this milestone on your social media channels.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at what the winning companies of the last edition of the FSC Furniture Awards did.

Here are the 2021 FSC Furniture Awards
sustainability champions.

Get to know their commitment. Get inspired. Be part of the change.

Our Partners.

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